DF65 Social Racing #29 (1/12/21)

A cold wet day greeted the 11 skippers with the only consolation that the wind had dropped to a level that could be sailed without damage. The wind was straight down the lake with an occasional gust, ‘B’ suit was decided upon. Our eagle eyed Sally on the start line kept early starters to a minimum. Thanks must go to OD Sally and to Charles for finish line duties. 8 races were held.

  1. John Brierley               8pts 5 wins
  2. John Carlin                 16 pts 2wins
  3. Richard Robinson   19 pts 1win
  4. Mike de St Paer        24 pts
  5. James Douglas          31 pts
  6. Derek Matthews      33 pts
  7. David Williams        38 pts
  8. Neil Westbrook        40 pts
  9. Don MacKinnon       41 pts
  10. Richard Walker         43 pts
  11. Simon Bates               48 pts