DF65 Social Racing 2021 #22 (13/10/21)

Ten Sailors arrived to a cold A+ wind blowing straight down the lake.  John Carlin was on good form winning 5 of the races. There were a number of very close finishes, keeping our OD of the day Dave Williams on his toes. Ten races were held.

  1. John Carlin. 11pts. 5 wins
  2. Neil Westbrook. 25pts. 1 win
  3. Richard Walker. 28pts 1 win
  4. Charles Legg. 31pts. 1 win
  5. Derek Matthews. 32pts
  6. James Douglas. 37pts 1 win
  7. Don Mackinnon. 40pts
  8. Simon Bates. 45pts. 1 win
  9. Paul Whalley. 72pts
  10. Barry Baugh. 79pts