RG/DF65 Summer Series #6 9/10/21

A light SE/S/E breeze confronted the 6 RG65 skippers for #6 in the Summer Series.  After 3 races in a light and dropping wind, the breeze switched off completely with no indication of when it would return.  A break was called and some work was started in preparation for next weeks M Ranking weekend at West Kirby.  The rain then started, which put paid to any chance of the wind returning and so racing was cancelled by 15:30 with only 3 races completed.  John Brierley took two wins to the single one for Peter Baldwin and so John finished first, Peter second and Neil Westbrook third.  Thanks again to Bernie for running the racing.

  1. John Brierley         84  Uno      4 pts
  2. Peter Baldwin       63  Uno       6 pts
  3. Neil Westbrook    03  Uno       9pts
  4. Dave Williams      33  Uno       12pts
  5. Charles Legg         26  Uno       14pts
  6. Alan Watkinson   23  Scurry  18 pts