DF65 Social Racing 2021 #17 8/9/21

A lovely late hot summer day greeted the 10 Dragon sailors, with the wind more or less straight down the lake. Perfect A+ weather. Our OOD Derek Matthews set a long course using the whole of the lake which at times caused the fleet to spread out. The start line being quite long enabled the boats to find their own space with only two individual recalls. The racing at the front of the fleet was tight which resulted in several very very close finishes with Charles holding his nerve and coming out on top. Thanks again to Derek for the running of the races.

  1. Charles Legg             14 pts   3 wins
  2. Richard Walker        15 pts   1 win
  3. Dave Williams          16pts    2 wins
  4. Sally Collings            26pts   1 win
  5. Paul Hounslow         32pts
  6. Simon Bates              42pts   2 wins
  7. Barrie Baugh             46pts
  8. Malcolm Harvey      48pts
  9. Paul Whalley             54pts
  10. Stan Metcalfe            61pts

9 races held.