DF65 Social Racing 2021 #5 28/4/21

A big thanks to Charles Legg, who acted as Race Officer for this weeks racing, as part of the new system of rotating RO duties.

A light ESE breeze and sunshine saw a full turnout of 15 sailors, with A+ rigs being the choice.  As ever, the wind filled in as the day progressed and the course was altered more than once to reflect the conditions.  As the results show, competition was stiff with new faces and new members sailing in this class are making sure of that!

It really is great to see “New Blood” in the fleet and on the water.  Looking forward to more enjoyable competition, then we suggest getting your name on the race list.

  1. Andrew Peter              919   22pts
  2. Richard Robinson        01   23pts
  3. Neil Westbrook           03   28pts
  4. Mike de St Paer             35   34pts
  5. John Carlin                      11   37pts
  6. David Williams           233   39pts
  7. James Douglas              73   50pts
  8. Paul Little                      45   54pts
  9. Richard Walker           39   58pts
  10. Simon Bates                 69   68pts
  11. Sally Collings             829  68pts
  12. Andrew Potter            194  90pts
  13. Stan Metcalfe               46  90pts
  14. Alan Watkinson         373  93pts
  15. Malcolm Harvey      1019  99pts

10 races sailed.