DF65 Social Racing #7 7/10/20

A pleasant day weather wise with a good strong B suit wind from the top end of the lake. Due to the lake overflow having been blocked the pathway was several inches under water making the wellie wearers very popular for launching and recovering boats. Alan and Richard R took advantage of the conditions and took 7 of the races between them. Mike and Neil were the only ones to get near them with a first each and several seconds. A prospective new member Stan, was conscripted in to act as RO and was able to keep the races going smoothly and so our many thanks to him.

10 races sailed.

  1. Alan Watkinson       15 pts 4 wins
  2. Richard Robinson    15 pts 3 wins
  3. Mike De St Paer        21 pts
  4. Neil Westbrook        29 pts
  5. Sally Collings            43 pts
  6. John Carlin                 45 pts
  7. Dave Williams           49 pts
  8. Richard Walker         52 pts
  9. Derek Matthews       57 pts
  10. Barry Baugh               94 pts