DF/RG65 Social Racing #6 3/10/20

8 skippers, 5 different designs, loads of wind and even more rain, thanks to the French named storm Alex that hit us and hit us hard. All skippers opted for the reduced height 2nd suits for the start.
Once again it was Brad Gibson that set the early pace with Graham Elliott trying his hardest to hunt him down. 6 races before a quick dry off and a change of batteries then back out for another soaking, the wind started to increase for the remaining 4 races and a few skippers opted to change down a rig, this did seem to be the correct choice, especially on the downwind legs.
In the end it was Brad Gibson who won 7 races that came out top of the pile, followed by John Brierley and Graham Elliott. 4 race winners today that included the top 3 and also David Potter.
Great to see the class expanding within the club and probably the best 5 designs available all sailing today.
Many thanks to Bernie for standing out in the pouring rain all afternoon so we could all have fun doing our sport.
  1. Brad Gibson             9      Electronica           9pts    ( 7 wins )
  2.  John Brierley        84      Uno                        20pts  ( 1 win )
  3. Graham Elliot        55     Argon                    22pts  ( 1 win )
  4. David Potter           20     Pocket Rocket   25pts  ( 1 win )
  5. Neil Westbrook     03     Pocket Rocket   40pts  1 x 2nd
  6. Peter Baldwin        63     Pocket Rocket   40pts
  7. Alan Watkinson    23     Scurry                   48pts
  8. Dave Williams       33     Pocket Rocket    71pts

After 10  soggy races