DF65 Social Racing #2 2/9/20

The wind before the start of racing raised questions on which rig to use and the general view is that A+ should be used although there were a number of gusts passing down the lake from the East.  By the time we started racing however, the wind had dropped as the rain started.  The course of 2 beats for half of the lake proved to be plenty long enough and only allowed for 7 races to be completed with the strength of the wind.  The first race was won by Dave Williams in a close finish with Sally Collings. Having run Race 1, Peter Baldwin, then took wins in Races 2, 3, 5 and 7, with Richard Walker taking Race 4 and Sally Collings taking race 6. After suffering electrical problems between Races 1 and 2, Don Mackinnon offered to run the remaining races.  Results have therefore been calculated based upon an average of any race undertaken.

  1. Peter Baldwin       63       7.2pts
  2. Sally Collings      829      16pts
  3. Dave Williams     233      18pts
  4. Derek Matthews   57      24pts
  5. Alan Watkinson  373      25pts
  6. Richard Walker      39     27pts
  7. Don Mackinnon   933     30pts
  8. Charles Legg             21     39.6pts
  9. Colin Deakin            93      40pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey   1019    46pts