RG65 Social Racing #2 1/8/20

Six skippers this week were again treated to a predominantly NNW breeze and not too strong for top suits.  As it was straight down the lake from the far end, the course did not need changing from last week.  Some close racing throughout the small fleet with one boat occasionally getting clear, but very often the first three places were swapping up to the finish line.  Brad Gibson started the day with a first, but then John Brierley had a string of three  before Brad picked up another one.  Peter Baldwin opted to sail with a conventional lower aspect A rig expecting that the breeze was going to get up, but was rarely lucky enough for the other boats to struggle downwind  but having led for a good part of Race 6, picked up a second.

After a short break and a few changes of rigs and equipment through the fleet, Graham Elliott had better boat speed and comfortably won race 7 (he hadn’t changed anything, just ate some food). After this Brad won a further three races (with a shorter and so called “reject” fin from the manufacturer!) and John only one.  Dave Williams was unlucky in Race 9, picking up a second after leading for the whole race until the short beat to the finish.   Thanks again to Bernie and Jack for running the races again for us.

  1. Brad Gibson                Electronica              9     14pts  5 wins
  2. John Brierley               Uno                          84     16pts   5 wins
  3. Graham Elliott            Argon                     55     22pts  1 win
  4. Peter Baldwin              Pocket Rocket    63      33pts
  5. Dave Williams             Pocket Rocket    33      34pts
  6. Alan Watkinson          Scurry                    23      51 pts

11 races sailed

Next week is IOM Social Racing #6 start time 13:30