DragonForce Summer Series #6 7/8/19

With winds forecast to be in the mid teens and gusting strongly as the skippers arrived, everyone opted to sail in their A rig, only to find that for most of the morning, it was more like A+ wind.  A heavy shower at the halfway point in racing led to a tea break whilst the weather cleared.  Unfortunately the wind went with the weather and when racing re-started, there was a very light breeze, which fortunately increased after this enforced break.

John once again took the day with eight wins out of the ten sailed, with only Peter managing to take two from him, although some of the finishes were very close.

  1. John Brierley           84             8pts
  2. Peter Baldwin          63            15pts
  3. Andrew Peter          919           24pts
  4. Dave Williams         233          29pts
  5. Alan Watkinson      373          32pts
  6. Dave Pickup               86           44pts
  7. David Halstead        855          56pts