DragonForce Summer Series #5 31/7/19

There was a decent A rig Westerly breeze down the lake this week for the 7 sailors, which made a change from the norm of A+.  Racing was very close in nearly every race with place changes on the final beat into the finish often affecting the race outcome.  If a tack was not completed cleanly (usually due to a wind shift as the tack was made), a number of places could easily be lost.  John ended up as the clear winner with 7 wins from the 10 races sailed, with Peter second with 2 wins and Dave Williams a consistent 3rd.

Thanks once again to Ernie and Sally for running the races and scoring.

  1. John Brierley             84        9pts
  2. Peter Baldwin            63       18pts
  3. Dave Williams          233       25pts
  4. Andrew Peter            919       26pts
  5. Neil Westbrook          03        33pts
  6. Alan Watkinson        233       37pts
  7. Colin Deakin                93        50pts