Results – Marblehead Santa Dash Open 2016

13 keen sailors gathered at the Club for the annual Marblehead Santa ‘Dash’, unfortunately it turned out to be a very very slow dawdle.

The race start was delayed in the hope of a gentle breeze arriving, this did not happen but eventually the racing got underway with each race taking over 40mins.

In the end we managed five races, allowing for one discard. The worthy winner was local boy Graham Elliott with three firsts, followed by Darin Ballington second and John Smith third.

  1. Graham Ellott  5Pts
  2. Darin Ballington 11
  3. John Smith 12
  4. Brad Gibson 16
  5. Neil  Westbrook 18
  6. Graham Birkett 24 (two 3rds)
  7. Graham Whaley 24 (one 3rd)
  8. John Brierley 26
  9. Damian Ackroyd 33
  10. Mike Parkington 35
  11. John Taylor 38
  12. Alan Watkinson 42
  13. Colin Walton 46