Vintage Sailing Day

The weather for our first Vintage Sailing Day on 24th April was a cold brisk NE wind with rain squalls, not ideal sailing weather. We nevertheless had a very enjoyable day with 3 of the larger yachts braving the waves.

My  ‘A’ Class ‘Hebe’ from 1960 was severely over-canvassed, Don’s 30″ Gaff Cutter dating from 1900 went well once the rig was reduced, and David Mathers vane Marblehead ‘Black Prince’,  just loved the conditions, romping along on all point of sail, if a bit scary stopping and turning her !
There was a large collection of Star Yachts, as was to be expected for Birkenhead, some dating from 1930’s, many thanks to Chris.  My ex Birkenhead 1957 vane Marblehead, a Stan Witty ‘Hornet’ was too fragile to brave the lake. The highlight was Bernard turning up with a very old 55″ Bar Keel Gaff Cutter, built in 1898, a very early 10 Rater.
Many thanks to all who attended and assisted especially Jack Turner, who doled out endless cups of tea and fascinating stories and advice from his free sailing days. ( The advice was free – the tea was 40p ! )
There are 2 more Vintage sailing days this year, ( see Calendar)
Everyone is welcome – bring along anything you have of interest to sail or display.
Andrew Peter  –  BRSC / VMYG   
More photos in the gallery