Yacht Racing Calendar

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Social racing for DF65's starts on Wednesday at 11am, running through until approximately 13:00.  Following a short break, there will be social sailing and guidance available using IOM's or a boat of a sailor's choice.  Please contact the Hon Secretary via the Contacts pages (or in person at the club) if you are interested in this activity.

Saturday racing takes place most weeks and alternates between the IOM and RG65/DF65 (where the two classes start together and results are separated).  If the numbers are too large for a single start, then the starts will be split.  Racing during Spring Summer and Autumn will start at 13:00 for all Saturday racing and continue until 16:30 (approximately). During the Winter series for IOM and RG/DF65, racing will start at 12:00 and then no race to start after 15:30. If you wish to race please use the Booking System described below.

There is now a Booking system live for all events, which you must use if you intend to participate in any races and you can access this via the "Upcoming Events" List at the top of this page or on any page (it may be on the right or near the bottom of pages depending on the device you are viewing this with (PC or mobile).    If you are unable to make the event you have booked, it would be useful if you can cancel your booking by going to the event page and filling in the three requested fields then pressing Cancel Booking.

For details of who is sailing on any day please click on the link for the day of interest.

NB. The calendar may be subject to change throughout the year as other clubs fixtures and weather dictate, so please check the website regularly for any updates.

Saturday 2IOM Summer 2022 #5
Wednesday6DF65 Social Racing 2022 #27
Saturday9RG/DF65 Summer 2022 #5
Wednesday13DF65 Social Racing 2022 #28
Saturday16Social Sailing Afternoon #5
Wednesday20DF65 Social Racing 2022 #29
Saturday23IOM Summer 2022 #6
Wednesday27DF65 Social Racing 2022 #30
Saturday30Social Sailing Afternoon #6
Wednesday3DF65 Social Racing 2022 #31
Saturday6RG/DF65 Summer 2022 #6
Wednesday10DF65 Social Racing 2022 #32
Saturday13IOM Summer 2022 #7
Wednesday17DF65 Social Racing 2022 #33
Saturday20RG/DF65 Summer 2022 #7
Wednesday24DF65 Social Racing 2022 #34
Saturday27IOM Summer 2022 #8
Wednesday31DF65 Social Racing 2022 #35
Saturday3IOM Ranking @ West Kirby Day 1
Sunday4IOM Ranking @ West Kirby Day 2
Wednesday7DF65 Social Racing 2022 #36
Saturday10RG/DF65 Summer 2022 #8
Wednesday14DF65 Social Racing 2022 #37
Saturday17IOM Summer 2022 #9
Wednesday21DF65 Social Racing 2022 #38
Saturday24Social Sailing Afternoon #7
Wednesday28DF65 Social Racing 2022 #39
Saturday1RG/DF65 Summer 2022 #9
Wednesday5DF65 Social Racing 2022 #40
Saturday8Strebor Open & IOM Summer 2022 #10
Wednesday12DF65 Social Racing 2022 #41
Saturday15Social Sailing Afternoon #8
Wednesday19DF65 Social Racing 2022 #42
Saturday22RG65 TT @ Birkenhead Day 1
Sunday23RG65 TT @ Birkenhead Day 2
Wednesday26DF65 Social Racing 2022 #43
Saturday29RG/DF65 Summer 2022 #10
Wednesday2DF65 Social Racing 2022 #44