Yacht Racing Calendar

Dragonforce Racing takes place every Wednesday at 11am.
All IOM Winter Series races start at 13.00 unless noted otherwise below.

Saturday races,  first race 13.00, no race to start after 16.45 unless noted otherwise below.

M series will be two one day events £5 entry on the day
DF65 Saturday Series best 3 from 4 races
RG65 Saturday Series best 3 from 4 races
IOM will be best 9 from 13 races

NB. The calendar is subject to change throughout the year as other clubs fixtures and weather dictate, so please check the website regularly for any updates.



13Open Day
Club Opens 12:00
Sailing till 4:30 latest
Thursday1810R Nationals at West Kirby
Friday1910R Nationals at West Kirby
Saturday20M Nationals at West Kirby
Sunday21M Nationals at West Kirby
August 3Open Day
Club Opens 12:00
Sailing till 4:30 latest
17RG65 + DF65 Start Time 11am
31RG65 + DF65 Start Time 11am
(Added to replace 16/3/19 which was blown off)
14Open Day & Vintage MYG
Club Opens 12:00
Sailing till 4:30 latest
28RG65 + DF65 Start Time 11am
26IOM STREBOR OPEN Start Time 10:00
14XMAS Race (Class TBA) Start Time 10:30