10R Nationals Day 1 at West Kirby

It was a long hard day for both the sailors and the boats on this the first day of the 10R UK Nationals being held this year at West Kirby.  There was a Westerly breeze moving around to WNW and then back again and starting at 10 knots, increasing to nearly 20 knots and then finally dropping to 11 knots by the end of the day.  Cloudy at the start of the day, the sun appeared at lunchtime and the fleet enjoyed good clear sun for a while and champagne sailing in the breeze.

17 races were completed by the select group of 13 sailors, who had a hard time an may have ended up the day having walking getting on for 12 miles with a 250m long course of 2 laps and a short windward leg to finish.

James Edwards ended up on top with Graham Bantock not far behind, with third place being taken by Duncan Ellis.  Graham had problems with losing radio contact early on in the day and so missed out on 4 races an currently counts one DNF in his final score.  All to play for tomorrow.

The weather for day 2 is not looking as good as Day 1 with heavy rain forecast.

DragonForce Summer Series #3 17/7/19

A light and shifty SW breeze kept everyone on their toes this week.  Nine sailors completed 10 races with the last race being two laps. Dave Williams was unfortunate to lose power and miss the last two races otherwise he may well have placed higher.

  1. Neil Westbrook           16pts
  2. Andrew Peter               18 pts
  3. Alan Watkinson          27 pts
  4. Dave Williams             29 pts
  5. Colin Deakin                 30 pts
  6. Derek Matthews          38 pts
  7. Rob                                    46 pts
  8. Chris Weston                54 pts
  9. Zoe Matthews               57 pts

10 races sailed

DragonForce Summer Series #2 10/7/19

The very light variable wind from the Club house end caused the 10 sailors to watch their boats very carefully to be able to gain an advantage. Masters of the conditions today were Neil and Kris who managed 5 wins between them but the ever consistent John took the day.
The highlight of the day was for Chris Weston who completed the 10 races without gear failure.
Thanks to Ernie and Sally for their assistance in running the races.

  1.    John Brierley          15pts
  2.    Kris Morrow           21pts
  3.    Neil Westbrook      27pts. 3 x 1st
  4.    Dave Williams        27pts. 0 x 1st
  5.    Andrew Peter          31pts
  6.    Alan Watkinson     40pts
  7.    Colin Deakin           48pts
  8.    Dave Pickup             52pts
  9.    Richard Walker      57pts
  10.    Chris Weston          79pts

10 races sailed

DragonForce Summer Series #1 3/7/19

A light but reasonably steady wind  from the WNW and clear sun greeted the 8 sailors who turned out this week to sail in A+ rigs.  There were some large shifts to be found on the long course, which usually held for some time giving good gains if you timed it right.  Neil Westbrook started the day with a win and then two further wins in races 3 and 5.  Peter Baldwin won 6 out of the 7 other races sailed giving him first overall, with Dave Williams gaining the other win.  Although missing out on a race win, Richard Walker had a consistent day scoring several 2nds and thirds to end up third behind Neil and Peter. Racing was very close in most race, such that if you went into irons you could move from being well placed to last position.

  1.   Peter Baldwin            63           10pts
  2.   Neil Westbrook         03           18pts
  3.   Richard Walker         39          24pts
  4.   Dave Williams           233        25pts
  5.   Alan  Watkinson       373         35pts
  6.   Derek Matthews         57         40pts    1x2nd & 2x4th
  7.   Dave Pickup                 86          40pts   1x2nd
  8.   Chris Weston              194         68pts  (winch issues missing 6 races)

10 races sailed.  Many thanks to Ernie and Sally for running the races and scoring.

Marblehead Open Sailing at West Kirby #2 29/6/19

What a difference a few hours make at West Kirby, 10 skippers gathered at 12.30, not a breath of wind, by 1pm a nice top suit and by 3pm an even nicer ‘C’ rig wind.
With PRO Peter Baldwin opting for quite a lengthy course with a nice bias on the start line and skippers not 100% sure which end they favoured it was good practice for both the race team and the skippers for the upcoming Nationals at West Kirby in July.
After the first 5 races in top suit, it was Darin Ballington who finally came to grips with the course and registered wins in races 3,4 and 5, closely followed by Andrea Roberts. The wind then quite suddenly gusted up to ‘C’ rig and a rig change rest was called, this sudden increase in wind is now common at West Kirby and one to look out for in 3 weeks time.
Race 6 was won by Bill Culshaw by half a leg, finally getting to grips with the lake and his boat. In the end though it was Darin who took the day with Andrea’s consistent sailing and finishing in the top 3 in every race gaining her second place. Our other lady skipper, Tracey Ballington sailing well in races 3 and 7 to gain 2, 4th places.
After sailing we retired to ‘The Farmers’ for a few pints and a meal and where informed that between Penelope, Emily and Millie they had managed to catch 204 crabs whilst we sailed, a new West Kirby record!
Many thanks to Peter, Bernie and Jack on lakeside and boatmen Dave and John.
  1.   Darin Ballington         98        11 pts
  2.   Andrea Roberts            55        16 pts
  3.  Graham Elliott                9         27 pts
  4.  Martin Roberts            122        28 pts
  5.  Bill Culshaw                    21         30 pts
  6. Mike Parkington            82         34 pts
  7. Damian Ackroyd           101         39 pts
  8. Tracey Ballington          07        41 pts
  9.  John Taylor                     28         46 pts
  10.  Neil Westbrook              58        65 pts

9 Races sailed.  Photos courtesy of Alan Watkinson more in the Gallery

DragonForce Spring Series #13 26/6/19

  1. A light breeze from the clubhouse greeted sailors this week with shifts that seem to grow larger as the morning went on as the breeze dropped in strength.  Key to success was finding the breeze (and having a bit of luck) to keep your boat moving as much as possible.  John Brierley, Neil Westbrook and Peter Baldwin were all vying for the lead in most races, with each sharing 3 wins apiece at the end.  Dave Williams was the other winner of the 10 races completed. When the scores were added up, Peter was first on  14pts, John second on 16 pts and Neil third on 18 pts.

Thanks again go to Ernie for acting as Race Officer for the morning.

  1.  Peter Baldwin               14 pts
  2.  John Brierley                 16 pts
  3.  Neil Westbrook             18 pts
  4.  Alan Watkinson           28 pts
  5.  Kris Morrow                  38 pts
  6.  Dave Williams              39 pts
  7.  Colin Deakin                  52 pts
  8.  Richard Walker            53 pts
  9.  Chris Weston                 70 pts

10 races sailed