DF65 Social Racing 2023 4/10/23

A large turnout of 17 (technically 18 – see later) sailors today, who were greeted by the merest ripple on a glassy lake, even though the forecast suggested there could be as much as 15mph.  Reports from West Kirby were of 10-15mph, so there was hope.  Unfortunately, our biggest problem that the wind was SW again and so would come from anywhere in the range W to SE and so it proved.  Peter donned the waders and set out a proposed course using the South Bank and suggested a Starboard rounding so that we didn’t end up tacking to the spreader.  Sailor No 18 was Dave Williams who very kindly offered to be RO with the large turnout.

The first race was a long one with very light and shifty winds, with Mike De St Paer coming out on top.  At least the long race gave Peter time to sort Dave H’s A+ rig out and compete from Race 2 onwards.  Race 2 went to James Douglas, with Peter putting his boat on the water with 10 seconds to go, but unfortunately little wind to get to the start line.  Peter then managed 5 wins in the remaining races, although it wasn’t all plain sailing with John Carlin putting together a consistent set of results with one win  and Richard Walker taking the remaining win, whilst worrying that his batteries were going to run out before the finish, but fortunately they held up.  James Douglas, Tony Sedgewick, Andrew Potter Clive Warren and Jon Whitehead all had a number of good results in the 9 races completed.

Peter took the morning helped by the 5 wins with consistent John Carlin second, only a couple of points behind, then James Douglas rounding out the podium.  Very many thanks go to Dave for both running the morning and scoring the results, ably assisted by Neil later on who helped with calling the finish, which was very close at times.

  1. Peter Baldwin                            63  17pts
  2. John Carlin                                  11  19pts
  3. James Douglas                          73  24pts
  4. Tony Sedgewick                       19  29pts
  5. Andrew Potter                        194  30pts
  6. Clive Warren                              53  33pts
  7. Jon Whitehead                         770  37pts
  8. Sally Collings                           829  43pts
  9. Richard Walker                          39  50pts
  10. Don McKinnon                         933  56pts
  11. John Beech                                   80  67pts
  12. Frans King                                    95  70pts
  13. Mike De St Paer                           35  77pts   (left early)
  14. Charles Legg                                 21  80pts
  15. Malcolm Harvey                     1019  87pts
  16. Martin Whittingham-Jones  54  102pts
  17. Dave Howard                               00  106pts