DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 2/8/23

There was a light but fickle breeze from the clubhouse end and so we set off for two races using a start line at the far end and approximately a windward leg (and occasionally a fetch) to the far end.  The wind then decided to switch direction mid race for a while and we ended up having a running start for a couple of races before our volunteer RO Dave Williams (our heavy weather sailor) switched start lines to sail from the clubhouse end.

Peter had a good start to the day in the light conditions and took the first two races by a fair margin, such that Dave was thinking of giving him a starting penalty and the rest of the fleet a chance.  However, with some rig setup advice for some sailors, and improvements across the fleet, racing became a little closer with Neil and Andrew Potter each taking a win before Peter took the final two races.

The light conditions meant that only 6 races were sailed with nobody pushing to do a longer two lap race to finish the morning off.  This also allowed an earlier start to the working party for the seven that remained behind.  Many thanks to Dave for running the morning yet again.

  1. Peter Baldwin                                 6pts
  2. Neil Westbrook                             13pts
  3. Andrew Potter                               19pts
  4. Simon Bates                                   21pts
  5. Jon Whitehead                               26pts
  6. John Carlin                                     32pts (1x5th)
  7. Alan Watkinson                            32pts
  8. Andrew Peter                                 33pts
  9. Charles Legg                                   44pts (1x8th)
  10. Richard Walker                              44pts
  11. Martin Whittingham-Jones   46pts
  12. Frans King                                       52pts
  13. John Beech                                      54pts