DF65 Social Racing 2023 – 10/5/23

While heavy rain showers battered most of the Wirral, Bidston remained as dry as the proverbial bone which provided very pleasant sailing conditions in a 10-15kt SE breeze blowing for the most part straight down the lake towards the clubhouse. A rigs were nominated, which proved the correct choice for 95% of the time, with the other 5% being spent knocked over downwind in the gusts, with the usual potential deleterious effect on results. The standard course was used with a windward and spreader mark followed by a downwind gate (which provided overtaking or undertaking options) and then to the finish. Despite what seemed a relatively stable wind direction on the shore, big gains or losses could be made on the upwind legs just by being in the right part of lake for the puffs or on the right or wrong side of what was clearly a shiftier wind pattern on the water.

Alan’s boat didn’t fancy the conditions and pulled the old ‘poor connection’ trick which allowed him to kindly volunteer to RO for the whole session.

John won fairly convincingly, due to good upwind speed, several race wins and consistent results when not winning.  Mike forgot to bring half his boat but was able to borrow a fancy yellow keel which allowed him to just sneak 2nd in front of James while Neil’s total lack of consistency relegated him to 4th

  1. John Carlin               14pts (4 wins)
  2. Mike St Paer            22pts (1 win)
  3. James Douglas       23pts (2 wins)
  4. Neil Westbrook     28pts (2 wins)
  5. Andrew Potter       32pts
  6. Clive Warren          39pts
  7. Dave Williams       42pts (1 win)
  8. John Beech              54pts
  9. Frans King              63pts
  10. Malcolm Harvey  73pts