DF65 Social Racing 2023 25/1/23

From no wind at 10am to a good A+ wind straight down the lake at 11am. A course was set from the start at the Clubhouse end, a windward mark on the far side of the lake which caused a few Specsavers problems, a spreader and then down to a starboard rounding of the start mark then a finish between the pole and middle finish mark.
Mike was able to read the condition well and took 6 wins. Alan and John C. were chasing each other through out the day with Alan one point ahead at the end of the day.
Thanks must go to Malcolm for volunteering to be RO after a terminal breakage put him out, giving us 10 races. The four sailors who had been RO had their average score taken after discards instead of the usual zero.

1st   Mike de St Paer      12 pts 6wins
2nd Alan Watkinson    21 pts 2 wins
3rd  John Carlin             22 pts
4th  Clive Warren          27 pts. 2 wins
5th  Charles Legg          27 pts
6th  Don MacKinnon   47 pts. 1 x 2nd
7th  Richard Walker     47 pts
8th  Paul Little                50 pts
9th  Neil Westbrook      54 pts
10th John Beech              56 pts
11th Dave Williams        62 pts
12th Frans King              71 pts