IOM Winter Series 2021 #3 (5/2/22)

Everyone was surprised to see so little wind on the water whilst selecting their No1 rigs after a forecast of winds in the high teens and gusts in the 30’s.  Helped by a WSW breeze giving some shelter from the houses and a spell of rain allowed everyone to stay in No1 rig for all 12 races.  There were some difficult times during the afternoon if you caught the gust in the wrong place, but the gusts were always short lived and the wind could soon abate leaving you almost becalmed for a short while.  There were 9 club sailors and one visitor in Colin McGinnis all the way from Dundee joining us for the afternoon.
John Brierley won the first race and followed it with a second in Race 2, when Martin Roberts took his first of three consecutive wins.  He looked to have the measure of the conditions before John won Race 5, but with Martin 2nd.  Bill Culshaw then had his first win in Race 6 after a slower start, then John had another win in Race 7 before the break.  After the break, it seems that Jack must have given Bill a little something extra in his tea as he scored three wins and two seconds in the final 5 races, with his run spoilt only by wins for John and Peter Baldwin.
This left Bill with an unassailable lead with that final run of form to take the day, with Martin in second three points behind and John two further points back in third.
Thanks must go to Dave Williams and Bernie for running the racing and of course Jack for making a brew at half time.
Bill Culshaw            21   britpop!           20pts   4wins
Martin Roberts      22   vanilla             23pts   3 wins
John Brierley          84   britpop!           25pts   4 wins
Peter Baldwin        63   Lintel mmx     45pts   1 win
Colin McGinnis      45   Buzz 3c             52pts   1 X 2
John Berry              123   Lintel mmx     52pts
Graham Birkett     133  Widget              54pts
Neil Westbrook       03   Widget             58pts
Alan Watkinson      23   britpop!           63pts
Charles Legg             32   Slimtel           125pts (retired race 5)
After 12 races