DF65 Social Racing #32 (21/12/21)

Ten intrepid sailors arrived to do battle in the coldest windiest day of the year. The biting wind from the clubhouse end was more or less straight but with heavy gusts making the boats perform several deviations.

Unfortunately several boats had minor problems but trying to fix these with very cold fingers seemed impossible with the last few races down to five starters. We have to thank Dave Williams for being OD and running the ten races.

  1. John Brierley             11 pts  5 wins
  2. Richard Robinson   16 pts  2 wins
  3. John Carlin                24 pts  1 win
  4. James Douglas         29 pts
  5. Mike de St Paer       34 pts 1 win
  6. John Beech                51 pts
  7. Sally Collings           55 pts  1 win
  8. Malcolm Harvey     64 pts
  9. Graham Birkett       67 pts
  10. Charles Legg             78 pts