DF65 Social Racing #25 (3/11/21)

Thirteen sailors were greeted with a larger lake than normal due to the overflow being blocked, now sorted by Neil. The wind from the top factory corner was mostly light with the occasional strong gust. Paul Little our OD set a long course with the windward mark causing a few ‘SpecSaver’ moments for several skippers, turning before the mark. Paul manage to give us ten races with the final being a two laps. The Wednesday racing is very closely competitive, as seen by today where we had seven different winners. Thanks again to Paul for the running of the races.

  1. Mike De St Paer           20 pts 2 wins
  2. James Douglas             23 pts 1 win
  3. Richard Robinson       28 pts 2 wins
  4. Derek Matthews          30 pts 2wins
  5. Simon Bates                   33 pts 1 win
  6. Neil Westbrook             34 pts 1 win
  7. John Carlin                     35 pts 1 win
  8. Dave Williams               47 pts 9th.
  9. Richard Walker            65 pts
  10. Stan Metcalf                  72 pts
  11. Sally Collings                74 pts
  12. Malcolm Harvey          88 pts
  13. Paul Whalley                 94 pts