DF65 Social Racing #24 (27/10/21)

With a strong B suit wind blowing over and between the houses, the course set by Neil used the whole lake and proved to be an interesting one to sail. If you were fortunate to get the right lift, a slow start was soon to be not a problem. With seven different winners, everyone was in with a chance. Fortunately we only had two retirees and this was due to radio problems. Many thanks to John Carlin for volunteering to be OD and giving us 10 good races.

  1. Alan Watkinson      19 pts. 3wins
  2. Neil Westbrook       21 pts 2wins
  3. Richard Robinson  21 pts 1win
  4. David Williams       34 pts 1win
  5. Mike De St Paer      39 pts 1win
  6. Derek Matthews     43 pts
  7. Don Mackinnon      46 pts 1win
  8. Simon Bates             52 pts
  9. Paul Little                 56 pts 1win
  10. Sally Collings           63 pts 1 x 2nd
  11. Richard Walker       63 pts 0 x 2nd
  12. Charles Legg          101 pts (Rtd early)
  13. Barrie Baugh         105 pts. (Rtd early)