Sailing Update

Although access to the lake and clubhouse have been re-instated by the Council, tests conducted by the Environment Agency (EA) have shown the presence of toxic blue green algae in the lake water, with a concentration  above the EA warning threshold for a health hazard.  The Club have therefore agreed with the Council that sailing will remain suspended until algae levels and concentrations subside.

Andrew Peter and Neil Westbrook have spent three long days at the club running a Council provided aerator in the hope that this would ease algae levels, but there  has been no visible change and a thick surface mat is still present at the leeward end of the lake.  The EA are due to re-test the water on Monday 26th July, but with the weather forecast for the next week, UV levels will be high and so a decrease in algae blooms is not expected.

Once again, your committee can only apologise for the lack of sailing and will be in touch when we have a potential date for re-opening.

As a result and as the water is unlikely to be available for sailing, we are attempting to book a nearby alternative location to hold the RG65 TT Event in case the lake is still not available for use.