IOM Club Racing 2021 #1

This, the first IOM racing after lockdown 3 proved to be a great re-introduction after more than 3 months of no sailing.  The racing started out with a light NE breeze for a couple of races with plenty of shifts and gusts to test the 9 helms.  The wind then started to tempt us with a NW breeze starting to fill in then return to NE and we ended up with 2 races that either had three beats plus one run and one with then 2 runs followed by two beats.

There was a short delay whilst the marks were moved around and the course reset for a WNW breeze pretty well straight down the lake, (to most peoples surprise) and plenty of sunshine to go with it.  It also picked up a notch and started to be towards a top end No 1 in the gusts.

Racing was tight through the whole afternoon with at times, the whole fleet finishing in quick succession and testing both the calling skills of Jack and Bernie’s scribing to record the results.  Overall a great afternoon’s racing of 11 races in good friendly fashion with plenty of learning points gained.

  1. Peter Baldwin              63       Lintel MMX         20pts   ( 4 wins )
  2. Martin Roberts           22        Slim Chine           23pts  ( 5 wins )
  3. Bill Culshaw                 21        brit pop                  24pts  ( 2 wins )
  4. John Brierley               24        brit pop                 30pts
  5. Graham Birkett          133       widget                   34pts
  6. Dave Burke                    30        brit pop                40pts
  7. Neil Westbrook            03       widget                   42pts
  8. Tre Joinville                   94       lintel                     50pts
  9. Charles Legg                    6       Triple Crown     75pts

Results after 11 races.

Thanks once again go to Jack and Bernie for running the racing.

Photos thanks to Andrew Peter.