Lockdown Projects & Activities #4

This weeks contributor is our Commodore John Brierley.  He has been doing a little boat maintenance and ensuring that all of the screw eyes on his DF65 are sealed to stop any chance of water ingress.  Although not super critical to have a dry boat at BRSPC, it is always important when sailing on salt or brackish water, so well worthwhile doing.  John used West Epoxy and hence the use of masking around the recesses, but superglue in the hole and then replace the screw eye should be fine.  Here are the boats before applying the epoxy (that silver hull looks new!)

Here are the boats post application and tidied up.

Have you been taking the opportunity to do some boat maintenance whilst we have been in lockdown?  One area that may be suffering now are the electrical connections with corrosion setting in if there was any moisture hanging around in the hull.  Other things that you could check out are bearings that might need lubricating and sheets becoming frayed.  Be sure that you are ready to go when we can start sailing again.

It is also worth looking over the top tips of both a general nature and specifically for the IOM, on the BG Sails & Design website here.

I’m running low on projects to tell members about now and so if you have been working on something that you think may be of interest to other members, please send the information to the webmaster (see Contacts page) or reply to my original email request at the end of January.