New RRS and changes affecting Radio Sailing

This year sees the introduction of a new set of Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) which cover the years 2021-24. Although there aren’t any significant changes, International Umpire Greg Eaton (GBR) has produced a short Powerpoint Presentation guide to the key changes affecting Radio Sailors, which (thanks to the GBR IOM class) is available here. This includes a link to the Racing Rules Guidance from the RYA which includes full information on the changes on pages 16-24.  I have posted an independent link to this here.

You can download a set of the new rules from the World Sailing website along with any changes made, although the RYA have a convenient page with links to download this and other documents associated with the rules here.

If you prefer a printed copy, then a full set of the Rules is available from the RYA in a convenient A6 format and printed on Waterproof paper for £10.99.  A link to the page of this and all RYA books on Racing is available here.  Of course there are always other books on the rules, including:

  • The Rules in Practice 2021-2024: The Guide to the Rules of Sailing Around the Race Course by Bryan Willis
  • Elvstrøm Explains the Racing Rules: 2021-2024 Rules (with model boats)

These books have diagrams to help explain many of the rules, unlike the RYA version which is simply the World Sailing text and RYA “Prescriptions”. Both books are available from online book store’s if you are interested.  Something to read whilst in lockdown?