DF/RG65 Social Racing #7 24/10/20

A great turnout for todays’ race with the DF65’s deciding to join the RG65’s in force, it was good to see and let’s hope this happens more often.
Unfortunately, the wind was light from the houses which left some massive holes around the course, nothing like the strong winds that were forecasted and all RG’s had their top suits on with the DF’s choosing  A+ rigs.
After a long 4 races with the rain increasing and the wind decreasing, an early break was taken and after a review, it was decided to call it a day.
Race winners were Derek (2), Sally (1) and Andrew (1) in the DF fleet and Graham took all 4 in the RG fleet.
Many thanks to Bernie for standing out in the pouring rain to start and score us.


  1. Graham Elliot          55  Argon                    3pts
  2. Brad Gibson                9  Electronica         6pts
  3. David Potter            20   Pocket Rocket    9pts
  4. Neil Westbrook      03   Pocket Rocket   11pts
  5. Alan Watkinson     23   Scurry                   15pts
  6. Dave Williams        33    Pocket Rocket   16pts


  1. Derek Matthews         57     4pts
  2. Sally Collings            829    6pts
  3. John Carlin                    11     7pts
  4. Andrew Peter               19     9pts
  5. Charles Legg                21    12pts

After 4 races