DragonForce Winter Series #6 12/2/20

A fresh Westerly breeze and bright sunny sky saw 10 Sailors decide on ‘B’ rigs for the morning’s racing. With Ernie taking a break from Race duties today, each sailor took their turn to act as R.O. for each of the 10 races.

The wind was challenging yet again, with some big gusts and also some holes and wind shifts, just to keep everyone on their toes.

Neil rose to the occasion with 4 wins and 1st overall, followed by Andrew in 2nd and Alan in 3rd. Dave and Richard chased hard for 4th and 5th places, with everyone enjoying the sunshine and lack of rain. A brief respite between storms, as the forecast for this coming Saturday’s RG and DF Racing looks lively. As a reminder racing starts at 12:00 on Saturday.

  1. Neil Westbrook             03       11pts
  2. Andrew Peter                919      16pts
  3. Alan Watkinson           373      19pts
  4. Dave Williams               233     21pts
  5. Richard Robinson          01      25pts
  6. John Carlin                       11       34pts
  7. Richard Walker              39      35pts
  8. Don MacKinnon             33      45pts
  9. Derek Matthews             57      46pts
  10. Chris Weston                  194     56pts