DragonForce Winter Series #5 5/2/20

A beautiful sunny morning greeted the 10 DF65s to Birkenhead with A+ rigs the order of the day.  Racing was moved to the east bank by Race Officer Ernie, to give a windward / leeward course, but with the recent high winds there was a lot of debris along the bank and competitors that took the right hand gate kept clear of obstructions, whilst the left hand gate was the favoured one to gain the lift of the bank but the risk of picking up twigs was high.
There were four race winners and Don gained his first win with Neil having the most wins with 4.  Again it was the consistency of John to take the win, with Richard rapidly improving and take second place.  John C also had a very good day with a steady performance.  Thanks once again to Ernie for running the racing.
  1. John Brierley                 84      14pts
  2. Richard Robinson        01      17pts
  3. Neil Westbrook             03     24pts
  4. John Carlin                      11      33pts
  5. Alan Watkinson          373     38pts
  6. Don MacKinnon         983     40pts
  7. Dave Pickup                   86      41pts
  8. Mike St Paer                   35      50pts.   1x3rd
  9. Richard Walker             39      50pts   0x3rd
  10. Chris Weston               194      67pts.
10 races sailed