DragonForce Autumn Series #8 20/11/19

With the breeze averaging 10 knots and up to 15 or 18 in the gusts, it was decided that B Rigs was the most prudent choice for the day.  Even so, there was an occasional hairy moment on the run for many during the 10 races sailed.  Races were won and lost in some cases by being in the most pressure downwind and at other times by avoiding the pressure to stay upright!  John and Peter had evenly shared most of the wins after Race 9, with otherwise only Alan managing to get a good win in Race 5.  It turned out that the two lap Race 10 was the decider, which John won by no more than a boat length on the finish line having made the best of the last beat.  A great morning of close racing. Thanks to Mike St Paer for running the races today and hopefully his new boat will be ready to race next Wednesday.

  1. John Brierley                84       11pts
  2. Peter Baldwin               63       12pts
  3. Alan Watkinson          373      23pts
  4. Andrew Peter               919     28pts
  5. Colin Deakin                 335     37pts
  6. Dave Williams             233      42pts
  7. Richard Walker             39      46pts
  8. Richard Robinson        01       61pts
  9. Sally Collings               129      62pts