DragonForce Spring Series #9 29/5/19

Great turnout this week with 11 boats competing including one ex member borrowing Ernies’ boat and showing some good speed at times.

A wise decision was made to start in A rigs with a gusty wind down the lake from the clubhouse, but with some significant shifts keeping everyone on their toes, especially as the shifts sometimes lasted for less than a second and may tack you without warning! John was again this week the person to beat with 5 wins from the 10 races sailed and the other wins shared by 4 sailors.

  1.   John Brierley                  11 pts
  2.   Peter Baldwin                21 pts
  3.   Andrew Peter                 25 pts
  4.   Dave Williams               32 pts  (1x2nd)
  5.   Alan Watkinson            32pts  (0x2nd)
  6.   Neil Westbrook             35 pts
  7.   Kris Morrow                   43 pts
  8.   Derek Matthews           59 pts
  9.   Colin Deakin                  63 pts
  10.   Richard Walker             70 pts
  11.   Chris  Weston                 87 pts

10 Races sailed