IOM Team Racing, 28/7/12

A nice mid to top end A rig breeze welcomed 15 skippers for this year’s team race. Teams were divided in to four with the best three finishers from each team scored on each race. In the end, after 10 races, it was the White Team of Bill Culshaw, Jim Findlay and Victoria McNulty taking the win narrowly from the Blue Team of David Catherall, Lisa Reeves, Ernie Rice and Rob Walsh. The day once again proved a success for the concept as club members of mixed standard benefited from working with and learning from their team mates.

1st White Team,   127 pts
Bill Culshaw
Jim Findlay
Victoria McNulty

2nd Blue Team,   135
          David Catherall
          Lisa Reeves
          Ernie Rice
          Rob Walsh

3rd Orange Team,   154
          Greg Burke
          Peter Chester
          Brad Gibson
          Dave Williams

4th Yellow Team,   179
          Andrew Benson
          Dave Burke
          Richard Hampson