RM Livingstone Cup

10 skippers arrived to a very light variable westerly wind which slowly shifted further to the SW over the day and increased in strength. Some close racing was had over the day. It was great to see young skipper Andrew Benson have a full days racing with Ernie rice kindly stepping in to perform the PRO duties and loaning his boat to Andrew. Well done Ernie.

1. Brad Gibson,   8
2. Richard Hampson,   19
3. Vernon Gee,   28
4. Colin Galvin,   35
5. Bill Culshaw,   37
6. Jim Findlay,   37
7. Victoria McNulty,   43
8. Dave Williams,   54
9. Andrew Benson,   55
10. Charles Lyth,   87

10 races


Upcoming Races
Saturday 8th September is the IOM STREBOR Open Race with a Briefing at 9.45am for a 10.00am start, finish time to be decided on the day (approx 5.00pm).

Sunday 9th September is the Northern District RM Ranking Race which is to be held at West Kirby Marine Lake. Briefing at 9.45am for a 10.00am start, wih no race to start after 4.30pm. This event will be the final hit out for our best GBR team skippers before next month’s World Championships in France and a great opportunity to see World Class Marblehead racing locally.

Any club skipper wishing to enter in either of the above races should contact the Sailing Secretary at bgrcyachting  ‘at’ hotmail.com, or use the MYA Onilne Entry Form for the RM Ranking.
Lunch on the Saturday will be available at the canteen and it is also presumed that lunch will be available on the Sunday at West Kirby Sailing Club.

As both races are being run by Birkenhead MY&PC, we are asking that any members not wishing to sail in either of the IOM or RM events above could kindly offer their assistance on either day to help run these events. Now is the time to step forward if you have not done so yet this year! Please let Brad know if you can help out.


Our Condolences
It is with sadness to hear of the passing of Elizabeth Jones. Elizabeth was a longstanding life member of Birkenhead where she supported boat builder and sailor husband Ken, along with grandsons Graham and Chris Elliott. We pass on our condolences to family and friends.

IOM Club Championship 8, 25/8/12

Lovely NW breeze gusting from 6-12 knots blowing straight down the middle of the lake made for some fantastic A rig racing. From Martin and Brad fighting hard at the top didn’t have things their own way with Rob McIntosh, Graham Birkett and Richard Hampson always in the mix. A convincing race win in heat 9 after a change to B rig saw Bill Culshaw also top off a fine day’s racing.
Next week sees Marblehead racing at the club.

1. Brad Gibson,   11
2. Martin Roberts,   13
3. Rob McIntosh,   30 *
4. Graham Birkett,   32
5. Richard Hampson,   38
6. Bill Culshaw,   44
7. Victoria McNulty,   44
8. Colin Smith,   54
9. Jim Findlay,   68
10. Dave Burke,   69
11. Damian Ackroyd,   76 *
12. Ernie Rice,   79
13. Les Kewn,   111
14. Vernon Gee,   112
15. Colin Galvin,   122

10 races
* visitors

Open 800 Racing 5, 25/8/12

A small fleet of 5 boats showed up for this weeks racing. Various boats suffered from water ingress and subsequent radio issues that will need tidying up for our next race day. Thanks to Dave Burke as PRO.

1. Jim Findlay
2. Andrew Benson
3. Albert Stanley
4. Ernie Rice
5. Charles Lyth

IOM Club Championship 7, 11/8/12

Finally a warm sunny day in the North West where 22 boats showed up for Round 7 of the IOM Club Championship. Racing was tight throughout the fleet in the light to moderate ESE wind which provided plenty of shift to test the nerves.

1. Brad Gibson,   15 pts
2. Martin Roberts,   18
3. Graham Elliott,   23
4. Rob Walsh,   25
5. Chris Elliott,   49 *
6. Graham Birkett,   54
7. Victoria McNulty,   56
8. Richard Hampson,   61
9. Dave Burke,   70
10. Colin Smith,  74
11. Rob McIntosh,   82 *
12. Bill Culshaw,   88
13. Vernon Gee,   101
14. Peter Chester,   101 *
15. Jim Findlay,   102
16. David Staniforth,   106
17. Dave Williams,   115
18. Roy Washbrook,   118
19. David Catherall,   139
20. Greg Burke,   141
21. Albert Stanley,   144
22. Colin Galvin,   157

10 race
* Visitors