Weather permitting , Neil and Andrew will allocate an hour or so, to offer advice and answer any queries. The aim is to cover all aspects of DF65 Sailing, from Rig Builds to Radio equipment, Rig Tuning  to Sailing skills.
There will also be a short session on Race Officer duties, to¬† support the new system of rotating RO’S
We will then finish the day with a Race or two.

Current Entries are:

Name Sail No Design Club
john carlin 11 Df65 Birkenhead
Mike De St Paer 35 Df65 Bmyc
James Douglas 2173 DF65 Birkenhead
Malcolm Harvey 1019 DF65 Birkenhead
Paul Hounslow 82 DF65 Birkenhead
Charles Legg 21 Df 65 Birkenhead
Paul Little 45 DF65 Birkenhead
Don. Mackinnon. 933 Df65 Birkenhead
Stan Metcalfe 2146 Df65 Birkenhead
Andrew Potter 194 DF65 Birkenhead
Graham Reeves (21) 87 DF65 Birkenhead
George Smith 18 Df65 BRS&PC
Alan Watkinson 373 DF65 Birkenhead
Paul Whalley TBA DF65 Birkenhead (New Member)
David Williams 233 DF65 Birkenhead
Remaining Places 3

Wait List is:

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