DF65 Winter Series 21st March 2018

Another great turnout saw 12 Dragonforces turn up for the day with 11 boats sailing 10 races and one brand new boat with a faulty winch!

The wind was forecast to be coming over the houses, but in the event it was straight down the lake with everyone opting to use “B” suit some excellent and close racing was held.

  1. John Brierley 8 Pts
  2. Neil Westbrook 18
  3. Roger Lincoln 19
  4. Dave Williams 30
  5. Alan Watkinson 35
  6. Sally Collings 44
  7. Andrew Peter 47
  8. Colin Deakin 50 (One 2nd)
  9. Ernie Rice 50
  10. Richard Walker 58
  11. Dave Pickup 73

10 races sailed.

Next week sees the final race in the “Winter” series. John Brierley clearly has the series sewn up, but 2nd place is wide open.