Dragonforce Autumn Series Results , 4th Oct 2017

A good turnout of 11 boats with classic Birkenhead conditions prevailing with the wind slightly off the houses and people wondering whether to start with an “A” rig or a “C” rig in the gusty conditions. Several rig changes ensued before the start, with everyone but Roger opting for an “A” rig setup. Roger hedged his bets with a “B” rig  – a decision he soon regretted!

  1. John Brierley 9 Pts
  2. Peter Baldwin 19  *
  3. Ernie Rice 19  *
  4. Roger Lincoln 28
  5. Dave Pickup 38
  6. Colin Deakin 39
  7. Sally Collings 44
  8. Alan Watkinson 50
  9. Neil Westbrook 53
  10. Dave Williams 55
  11. Richard Walker 72

10 races sailed.

– Peter and Ernie were tied even after the countback of results with the final positions being decided on the result of the last race (1st and 3rd)