Dragonforce Spring Series Results – 12th July 2017

aka – the green slime returns

On arrival at the lake it was evident there was very little wind and also that the algae, curiously absent on Saturday had returned with a vengeance. Most adjourned to cups of tea, with a few trying to sail and then giving up.

We basically agreed not to bother – then Dave Pickup went home to do the gardening and all changed! The wind followed his surname and picked up – and despite the slime it actually became decent sailing. So racing commenced in sunshine and fair winds.

  1. Roger Lincoln 9 Pts
  2. John Brierley 12
  3. Sally Collings 18
  4. Ernie Rice 20
  5. Alan Watkinson 21
  6. Andrew Peter 28
  7. Colin Deakin 37
  8. Richard Walker 40

8 races sailed

  • Dave Pickup to be awarded average points based on races sailed to date.