IOM Winter Series 7, 8/2/14

Forecast for Saturday 8th Feb 2017

With heavy winds and rain battering Britain, the forecast looked a little extreme and a little ‘draughty’ to say the least.

However, with the wind coming from the SSE/SE direction, it did provide the lake with some shelter, but brought with it interesting shifts along with big gusts.

10 competitors arrived for the 12.00 start, including Terry Trench (Guilford MYC) and Vernon Appleton (Coal House) who made a 660 mile round trip.

After some deliberation, we all settled for the 2nd suits, with the swirling wind and heavy gusts making the boat trim tricky.

Six races were completed before the compulsory brew, which saw Graham taking the lead with the rest of the pack following closely behind.

10 races were completed allowing two discards and with 5 different race winners, Graham eventually took the day.

Many thanks again to the race team Jack, Ernie & Bernie, again doing a sterling job in keeping the racing skipping along.

If you’re thinking about starting model yacht racing, a novice or hot shot wanting to test your skills at arguably the hottest club racing available in the UK on a weekly basis, then do not hesitate to call in at Birkenhead. All visitors will be made very welcome and friendly advice given when needed.

Refer to the web site for contact information and the race calendar.

Race Report by Dave Burke

1. Graham Elliott,   11 pts
2. Graham Birkett,   20
3. Bill Culshaw,   23
4. Dave Burke,   26
5. Colin Smith,   46
6. Vernon Appleton*,   48
7. Dave Pickup,   50
8. Terry Rensch,   53
9. Martin Roberts,   58
10. Dave Williams,   64

10 races
* visitor