RM Hornby Cup, 28/4/12

The Hornby Cup for Radio Marbleheads had 11 skippers in total with some very close racing had in the gusty NE conditions. Setting a true course with a long beating leg was tricky at times, but there was enough shifting in the wind to reward those who worked had for it. It was great to see relative RM newcomers Bill Culshaw and Jim Findlay scoring low scores, along with the re-emergence of World Champion Martin Roberts sailing #55 joining in from race 6 onwards. With the prospect of a couple more boats joining us soon, the RMs at Birkenhead are strengthening once again, come and join us.

1. Brad Gibson,   8 pts
2. Bill Culshaw,   20
3. Jim Findlay,   27
4. Dave Wayt,   33
5. Vernon Gee,   40
6. Dave Williams,   45
7. Ernie Rice,   47
8. Martin Roberts,   50
9. Charles Lyth,   65
10. Colin Galvin,   88
11. George Laverick,   91