800 Open Class Racing 1, 21/4/12

Our first race day for our Open Class smaller boats was well attended with 10 skippers taking part in total. Racing was held using the staggered windward mark RYGGED system to keep things interesting with all skippers and boats improving as races wore on. It was great to see the next generation of Roberts’ skippers enjoying the racing and it is hoped that future days more skippers will join in for some fun racing.
Thanks to PROs Brad Gibson and Dave Burke.

1. Charles Lyth,   Own Design,   14 pts
2. Bernie McNulty,   Micro Magic,   15
3. Terry Roberts,   Victoria,   16
4. Victoria McNulty,   Micro Magic,   20
5. Ernie Rice,   Micro Magic,   22
6. Jim Findlay,   Micro Magic,   23
7. Dave Williams,   Victoria,   45
8. David Pickup,   Victoria,   46
Zak Roberts,   Micro Magic
Sam Roberts,   Micro Magic