Social Sailing Afternoon 2022 #1 (30/4/22)

Those of you more observant than your Secretary will have noticed that there is no sailing programmed for Saturday April 30th. This is because it is the weekend of the IOM Nationals and many members are already signed up to represent us there. For those of you who are not up for this event we propose an afternoon of social sailing. Bring any boat you like and sail it. Bring your usual boat(s) and spend an afternoon practising or improving your tuning. If you would like, just bring yourself and have a go sailing a class you don’t usually sail. If you fancy trying an IOM, let me know and I will try to arrange a loan boat from our Club Captain’s collection of Widgets. Arrive after 12.00 and stay for as long or a little as you like.

If there are sufficient sailors around who are interested then some short races can be organised to check out relative boat performance and adjustments.

Although not essential to make a booking, it would be helpful for you to make a booking just so others can see who is likely to be coming down. Visitors and potential members welcome. If you are attending but do not know what boat type or sail number you will have please just put TBA in each of those fields.

If you end up unable to sail having made a booking, please enter your details in the second form and “Cancel your booking” to allow anyone on the Wait List to enter.

Current Entries are:

Name Sail No Design Club
John Beech 80 DF65 Birkenhead
John Brierley 84 Various. Birkenhead
Sally Collings 829 DF65 Birkenhead
Bill Culshaw 21 Various Birkenhead
Charles Legg 25 Kantun 2 Birkenhead
Westbrook Neil 03 IOM.DR65,RG65. Birkenhead
Mike Paer Ñ/a 20 rater Bmyc
Andrew Peter 66 iom birkenhead
Aian Watkinson 23 RG65 – DF95 – IOM Birkenhead
David Wirral 33 DF95/RG65 Birkenhead

Wait List is:

No responses yet!

Please add your Name and Contact details together with you boat details, then submit (or cancel an entry already made)

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Cancellations no longer allowed on this date.