Lake Clean Up Day, 10/3/12

Our first scheduled lake and clubhouse clean up day was an eventful one, with close to a skip bin load of rubbish consisting of microwaves, car tyres, crutches, piping, scooters, bikes, wiring, bricks and other treats being removed from the lake.

A very big thank you for a great job performed by the following members showing the¬†Birkenhead club spirit of getting in and getting your hands dirty is once again alive. To those members who missed it, next drinks are on you ūüôā

Dave Burke,   Jim Findlay,   Vernon Gee,   Brad Gibson,   Bernie McNulty
Victoria McNulty,   Ernie Rice,   Colin Smith,   Neil Westbrook,   Dave Williams
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IOM Trophy Race, 10/3/12

The first IOM race of the new season saw a lovely NW breeze with B rigs the choice for all skippers. Once again special thanks to Jim Findlay who stood down for the day to PRO our race. At the end of racing some very tired legs were noted from our fantastic lake clean up helpers.

1. Brad Gibson,   8 pts
2. Richard Hampson,   16
3. Colin Smith,   26
4. Victoria McNulty,   28
5. Colin Galvin,   44
6. Neil Westbrook,   53
7. Bill Culshaw,   57
8. Ernie Rice,   61
9. Dave Wayt,   64
10. Vernon Gee,   64
11. Dave Burke,   72
12. Dave Williams,   74
13. Roy Washbrook,   85
14. Frank Smedley,   89
15. David Catherall,   111
16. George Laverick,   126

Lake/Club Clean Up 10/3/12

A reminder to all members that this coming Saturday from 10am is our first scheduled lake clean up day. Please ensure you wear suitable clothing and a pair of good gloves may be wise (gardening/protective).

IOM racing will start at 1pm.

IOM Ranking, Bartley Green, 3-4/3/12

Over the weekend Birkenhead skippers contended with rain showers, sleet, snow, gusting winds and a general battle of the elements in the first IOM Ranking Races of the season. Results show that a long winter series of close racing has kept our members at the top end of the fleet and we look forward to the next Ranking weekend at Castle Semple, Scotland on the 5th and 6th of May.

Saturday Results
Sunday Results

Saturday 3/2/12

Tomorrow is the first club Marblehead race of the year.

This weekend is the first IOM Ranking Race of the year with Birkenhead members looking to perform strongly against a world class field. Follow the weekend’s results on the Midlands District Website.

A reminder that the following Saturday 10/3/12 is our lake clean up day from 10am.