Northern District IOM Winter Series, 24/2/13

Twenty skippers arrived to a few light and tricky east-north-easterly breezy. Consistency over the day saw Brad Gibson take the win from a close group of John Tushingham in second, Martin Roberts in third, Rob Walsh in fourth and Darin Ballington in fifth. We would like to thank all skippers who travelled and took part in fine spirits in the challenging conditions. Thanks also to our race team Jack, Bernie, Victoria, Dave, Jim and Andrew.

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RM Winter Series 5, 23/2/13

Saturday saw the final round of the club Marblehead Winter Series with Bill Culshaw not only taking the win on the day in light to fickle A suit conditions, but going on to win the overall event from Brad Gibson and Ernie Rice. This was the first year we have run a Marblehead Winter Series at the club and after attracting 10 entries, we look to an even bigger fleet throughout the year with a few regulars returning.

1. Bill Culshaw,   8
2. Brad Gibson,   13
3. Ernie Rice,   18
4. Darin Ballington,   19
5. Jim Findlay,   20
6. Victoria McNulty,   24
7. Dave Pickup,   39
8. Les Kewn,   43

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Coming Events

A reminder to all that this coming Saturday, 23/2/13, is the final round of the RM Winter Series. Start time 1pm.


Sunday, 24/2/13, is the Northern District IOM Winter Series Open Race, with a start time of 10am sharp. Entry is £4 which includes a Hotpot lunch. Please make sure you enter with Brad if you wish to sail.


Club Calendar
The Club Calendar for 2013 is now posted above on this site. This is a reminder that from 2/3/13 club races days will start from 2pm sharp.


IOM Ranking
This year we are hosting a National IOM 2 day Ranking Race over 22nd and 23rd June and will require skippers not planning on racing to assist in organising this event to properly reflect that of the countries number one league club. The racing is counted as 2 separate  race days, so if you wish to sail only the one day and help on another, this is possible. Entries for this event will need to be made through the official MYA means by either online or yearbook. Look for online entry to open in early March on the MYA website. Anyone able to offer assistance, please contact Brad, or a member of the sailing committee.


RM Ranking
We are hosting a National RM Ranking Race on Sunday 4/8/13 and have grouped this with a Saturday RM club race to attract greater numbers of travelling skippers.  We will promoting this within the MYA as two days of RM racing to show this as being the way forward for the class, both on a racing an social level that justifies the expense of travel.


ND Workshop
The Birkenhead club, on behalf of the Northern District will be hosting a Workshop/Tuning Day on 10/8/13. We anticipate having to limit places for this and will be prioritising available spaces to Northern District members initially. More details to follow when they come to hand, but if you’re in the North and want tips from the likes of Roberts, Elliott, Walsh and Gibson, put this date in your diary.

IOM Winter Series 5, 16/2/13

Saturday saw the final round of the Birkenhead IOM Winter Series with the sun shining and a light to moderate southerly breeze from the clubhouse corner. Racing was close once again right through the fleet. Results below.

1. Graham Elliott,   12 pts
2. Brad Gibson,   13
3. Martin Roberts,   21
4. Graham Birkett,  33
5. Victoria McNulty,   37
6. Dave Burke,   40
7. Colin Smith,   50
8. Dave Williams,   62
9. Ernie Rice,   66
10. Jim Findlay,   69
11. John Fozard,   72
12. Albert Stanley,   98

After 5 rounds and 34 different skippers competing congratulations go to Graha Birkett who took this year’s series by 2 points by the consisten Dave Burke, with Graham Elliott third. Once again this year’s Winter Series has proven as competitive as ever, with skippers travelling from as far south as London andOxford, and as for north as Fleetwood and Keighley to compete against some of the best IOM skippers in the country. Congratulations to all those involved and a big thank you to PROs Jack Turner and Bernie McNulty.


IOM Winter Series 4, 9/2/13

1. Graham Elliott,   11 pts
2. Darin Ballington,   12
3. Graham Birkett,   29
4. Dave Burke,   31
5. Victoria McNulty,   38
6. Bill Culshaw,   51
7. Jim Findlay,   53
8. Vernon Gee,   62
9. Colin Smith,   73
10. Dave Williams,   75
11. Dave Pickup,   77
12. David Staniforth,   81
13. Greg Burke,   85
14. Martin Roberts,   92
15. Ernie Rice,   112
16. Derek Nixon,   122

RM Winter Series 4, 2/2/13

Round 4 saw 9 skippers compete in fantastic Birkenhead conditions with a NW, B suit breeze blowing straight down the middle of the lake. Whilst Brad took 9 wins there was some close racing through the fleet with Victoria second, follewed closely by Bill and Jim. Next week sees the re-scheduled IOM race.

1. Brad Gibson,   8pts
2. Victoria McNulty,   20
3. Bill Culshaw,   27
4. Jim Findlay,   28
5. Ernie Rice,   34
6. Vernon Gee,   37
7. Dave Williams,   38
8. Les Kewn,   63
9. Dave Pickup,   63