Xmas Race for IOM – 2021

Our Xmas Race is an Open Event for the IOM and is run slightly differently to other Opens.  The entry fee is a wrapped gift (for Xmas?) with a minimum value of £5, but with bottles not allowed.  Plenty of scope to be creative here.  As you register for the event, you will present your gift and then these will be available when the results are announced for every entry to select a “secret” gift to take away.  A days sailing for approximately £5 and a prize for everyone to take home at the end – definitely a win/win situation.

Racing will be from 10:30 with full details in the NoR here.

Please help us to assess numbers attending by making an entry, completing all information requested in the form below, ensuring that all details are correctly entered so that we can easily contact you with any event information.  A limit of 36 entries has initially been set to maximise sailing time.

In the unlikely event that all places (36!) are taken, you can put your name on a waiting list by entering as normal and will be contacted as soon as someone cancels their booking.  If you are unable to sail, please enter your details in the second form and “Cancel your booking” to allow anyone on the Wait List to enter.

Current Entries are:

Name Sail No Design Club MYA#
Paul Allen 27 BP Birkenhead 773
Peter Baldwin 63 Lintel MMX Birkenhead 1221
Darin Ballington 98 BritPOP! Manor Park RSC 2453
John Berry 123 Lintel Etherow/birkenhead 3783
Bill Culshaw 21 BritPop B’head 1324
Lawrence Drennan 57 Britpop! Birkenhead 1343
Graham Elliott 09 Widget Birkenhead 1080
Brad Gibson 62 BritPOP! Birkenhead 2061
Tre Joinville 94 Lintell Birkenhead n/a
Westbrook Neil 03 Widget Birkenhead 818
Derek Priestley 67 Dead Reckoning Fleetwood 1
Martin Roberts 22 Vanilla Birkenhead 73
John Taylor 28 Rubix Fleetwood 835
Colin Walton 103 Britpop Manor Park 834

Wait List is:

No responses yet!

Please add your Name and Contact details together with you boat details, then submit (or cancel an entry already made)
Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Cancellations no longer allowed on this date.