DF95 Summer 2024 #1

Please fill in your name, boat details and contact information and click on “Send Your Booking” to enter.  If at a later date you are unable to sail, please enter your details in the second form and click on  “Cancel your booking”.  The NoR for this event will be publlished here hopefully in late August.

Current Entries are:

Name Sail No Design Club MYA#
John Beech 288 DF95 Birkenhead
John Carlin 50 Df95 Birkenhead
Ian Davies 33 DF95 Birkenhead
Malcolm Harvey 2019 DF65 Birkenhead
David Howard 00 DF95 Birkenhead
Frans King 59 DF95 Birkenhead
Paul Little 14 DF95 Birkenhead
Westbrook Neil 03 Df 95 Birkenhead
Paul Plested 54 DF95 Birkenhead
Clive Warren 93 DF95 Birkenhead
Alan Watkinson 23 Df95 Birkenhead
martin whittingham-jones 77 95 birkenhead

Wait List is:

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