DF65 Social Racing 2021 #8 (19/5/21)

DF65 Social Racing will be run with one of the entries as Race Officer.  The allocated person on any week will be chosen from the entries on the day and start with the lowest sail number who has not completed a duty so far, since the process was started in late April.  Assistance will be given for anyone who has not undertaken this role before.  Once everyone has completed a duty, then the process will be repeated.

If the event is full, you can put your name on a waiting list and will be contacted as soon as someone cancels their booking.  If you are unable to sail, please enter your details in the second form and “Cancel your booking” to allow anyone on the Wait List to enter.

Current Entries are:

Name Sail No Design Club
John Carlin 11 Df65 Birkenhead
Sally Collings 829 DF65 Birkenhead
Colin Deakin 93 DF65 BRS&P
Malcolm Harvey 1019 DF65 Birkenhead
Tre Joinville 19 Df Birkenhead
Charles Legg 21 Df 65 Birkenhead
Paul Little 45 DF65 Birkenhead
Donald Mackinnon 933 Df65 Birkenhead
Derek R Matthews 57 Df Birkenhead
Westbrook Neil 03 DF65 Birkenhead
Andrew Peter 919 DF65 Birkenhead
Andrew Potter 194 DF65 DSC
Richard Robinson 01 DF65 Birkenhead
George Smith 18 DF65 BRS&PC
Alan Watkinson 373 DF65 Birkenhead
David Williams 233 DF65 Birkenhead

Wait List is:

No responses yet!

Please add your Name and Contact details together with you boat details, then submit (or cancel an entry already made)

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.

Cancellations no longer allowed on this date.