DF65 Social Racing #10 (4/11/20)

Please note that the Government Guidelines issued on 12th October recommend that anyone in a “Tier 1 or 2” area does not travel into the Birkenhead “Tier 3” area for anything other than work, education or youth services.

Current Entries are:

Name Sail No Design Club
Barrie Baugh 47 DC65 Birkenhead
john Carlin 11 Df65 Birkenhead
Sally Collings 829 DG65 Birkenhead
Mike De St Paer 35 Df65 Birkenhead
Charles Legg 21 Df 65 Birkenhead
Paul Little 45 DF65 Birkenhead
Don. Mackinnon 933 Df65 Birkenhead
Derek Matthews 57 Df Birkenhead
Stan Metcalfe 2146 Dragon force 65 Birkenhead
Richard Robinson 01 DF65 Birkenhead
Richard Walker 39 DF65 BRSPC
Neil Westbrook 03 DF65 Birkenhead
Chris Weston 194 Df65 Birkenhead
Remaining Places 0

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