Christmas IOM Open 2019

The date of the Christmas IOM Open is Saturday 14th December, with a first race start time of 10:30.

The Notice of Race is available to view here.  As per last year there will not be an entry fee, but instead we request that you bring an unusual wrapped gift (no bottles please) with a minimum value of £5 so that we can have a “Secret Santa” prizegiving and everyone should go away with a prize at the end of racing.

Entries as per NoR to Graham Elliott, whose contact details are contained in the NoR and are also listed on the contacts page.  To gauge entry numbers it would be useful if you could advise Graham of your entry before 13/12/19.

Entries (as of 13/12/19)

  1. Bill Culshaw             21   Britpop
  2. Graham Elliott          9   Britpop
  3. Darin Ballington     85  Widget
  4. Peter Baldwin           63   Lintel MMX
  5. Dave Darwell             35   Moster
  6. Chris Moore               09   Sedici
  7. Martin Roberts          22  A2
  8. Dave Stewart              71    Asset
  9. Dave Burke                  30  Britpop
  10. Colin Walton                 3   Britpop
  11. Neil Westbrook          03  Widget
  12. Alan Watkinson         23  Britpop
  13. John Berry                    23  Lintel
  14. John Tushingham     51  Vision
  15. Derek Priestley           67  Dead Reckoning
  16. Andrew Peter               66  V9
  17. Roy Stevens                  54  Britpop
  18. Dave Williams              33  Viper
  19. Philip Read                    35  Wedge
  20. Gordon Bayliff            169  V9