Marblehead Open Club events at West Kirby

Prior to the Marblehead Nationals which take place on Saturday and Sunday 20th/21st July, Birkenhead will host two Open events at West Kirby Sailing Club on the 1st and 29th June, which are open to all Marblehead sailors who wish to participate.

On each Saturday racing will start at 13:00, with a short briefing 15 minutes prior to first start.  There will be no Race started after 4:30 and if no boat has finished an A heat by 5:00, the Race will be abandoned. After sailing there will be a post race debrief and drink at the local “Farmers” pub.

Entry for the day will be £7 (payable on the day) and the WKSC clubhouse and bar will be open.  Please advise Graham Elliott if you are planning to attend so that he can gauge likely numbers.  Entries accepted up to and including the day of the event.

Contact details for Graham are elliottyachts@hotmail.co.uk and telephone 0151 678 4134

Entries for 29th June as of 24/6/19

  1. Bill Culshaw
  2. Martin Roberts
  3. Graham Elliott
  4. Andrea Roberts
  5. Damian Ackroyd
  6. Mike Parkington
  7. John Taylor
  8. John Tushingham
  9. Neil Westbrook
  10. Darin Ballington
  11. Tracey Ballington